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Edmonton Grace Manor began in 1957 as "Sunset Lodge", a 41 bed residence owned and operated by The Salvation Army for elderly women who were unable to support themselves.  As residents aged they became more fragile and Sunset Lodge developed an expertise in caring for and supporting these women, especially those with mental health challenges.  Because of the age of its residents and their physical and mental health needs, the building was no longer adequate to meet the increased care requirements, minimize risks and provide beneficial activities and amenities.

In 1997, The Salvation Army decided to replace the Lodge with a larger modern facility serving both men and women that would better meet the needs of its clientele.  After a long search for a suitable property, the present site was obtained and construction began.  Edmonton Grace Manor opened in February 2002 and was soon filled to capacity.  We now serve 100 seniors.

Grace Manor enjoys an enviable reputation for the quality of care it provides for Supportive Living and Mental Health residents, and operates at full capacity.  Looking to the future, the vision is to expand the facility on the present site, which would enable Grace Manor to offer its services to a broader range of clients and take advantage of economies of scale.

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